Recipe #15 – Soupe crottee

Soupe crotte…. worst name ever! It doesn’t sound so bad until you translate it… Dung soup. Terence Scully is kind and calls it Lumpy Sops. Either way the name is unfortunate but the dish was surprisingly taste and very filling.  Don’t let the name or the look of the dish fool you, it is “lumpy” but it is not “dung”!

This is the original french recipe…

Pour faire une soupe crottee. Prenez belle esue en une payelle et le faitez boullir ; puis prenez fin fromage cras, taillié par dez quarez et pain blanc pareillement et du vin, pour donner goust ; mettez dedens celle esue et faictez tout boullir ensamble.

Scully’s translation…

To make a Lumpy Sops. Get pure water in a pan and boil it. Then get fine far cheese cut into cubes and white bread similarly cut, and wine for flavour; put these into the water and boil everything together.

Here is how I made the dish….

The ingredients for Soupe crottee.

The ingredients for Soupe crottee.


The ingredients for this dish are very simple. Cheese, bread, wine, & water.

I decided to use munster cheese for the dish because it was on sale, it fit the description of a “good fat cheese” and I like it.

I chose white wine because it is what I had on hand but the more I think about the very descriptive word used in the name of the dish the more I think I should have used red wine to give the dish a more… “dung-like” color.



The only prep work for this dish is to cube the cheese and bread. While I did that I set a pot on the stove with water to bring to a boil. Once it reached a boil I added the wine, then the cheese and lastly the bread.

Wine put into the boiling water.

Wine put into the boiling water.

Adding the cheese.

Adding the cheese.

Putting in the bread.

Putting in the bread.

Stirring while it boils.

Stirring while it boils.




















I did the additions in this order because rather than having the cheese just melt into the water having the wine in it already kept the cheese separated from the water and bread and made it lumpier. Once all of the ingredients were added I stirred it and boiled it all together to break down the bread and the cheese a bit more.


The completed dish was indeed… lumpy.

Soupe crottee dished and ready to serve.

Soupe crottee dished and ready to serve.

The Verdict…

It isn’t a terribly attractive dish. It tastes good though… a bit like a grilled cheese sandwich made into soup. As I said earlier I think that red wine would make the appearance more like what the recipe describes. I plan to make the dish with red wine soon and I will post the results.

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