MurienneMy name is Lady Murienne l’aloiere.
I am a gentle woman from Bar de Luc, a lovely city in the duchy of Bar, along the border of France and Germany.
I was recently gifted a lovely book of medical, botanical, household and personal advice.
This wonderful book also contains over 5 dozen dishes ranging from simply sauces, and food for the infirmed to grand dishes fit for the most noble guest.
Since I am in charge of overseeing the running of the household including its kitchens I have decided that I should test each of these recipes before having them served to my family or guests.
Thus I have given myself the challenge of cooking each of the recipes and writing down my thoughts on them. I will cook one of the dishes each week until I have finished them all.
 My thoughts on each will be included in these pages so that I might share my experience with my friends and those with whom I have similar interests.  I hope you find these pages to your liking. If you wish to speak with me please do not hesitate to contact me or leave me a comment.


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