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Recipe #15 – Soupe crottee

Soupe crotte…. worst name ever! It doesn’t sound so bad until you translate it… Dung soup. Terence Scully is kind and calls it Lumpy Sops. Either way the name is unfortunate but the dish was surprisingly taste and very filling.  Don’t let the name or the look of the dish fool you, it is “lumpy” but it is not “dung”!

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Recipe #10 – Rys en galles c’on dit “contrefait”

“Joke Rice That is Called Counterfeit” is the name of this dish. There was a long tradition of making food that looked like another dish, joke rice falls into that category. This dish has no rice in it at all. It is in fact a pasta dish. Small bits of pasta dough are dried and then boiled in broth and served with cheese on top.

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Recipe #7 – Sicilian Vermicelli

This dish is a very simple pasta side that has a good flavor but pairs well with most other dishes. It is a rare to see in a French book as it is a distinctly Italian dish. The author even calls it Sicilian so you know that it is a foreign dish.

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Recipe 6 – Pour farsir oes

Stuffed Eggs. Or as I have decided to call them fried deviled eggs. Lightly flavored, creamy filling, solid whites and a bit of a browned buttery outside. They make for a great presentation and taste good too.

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Recipe 2 – Votte Lombarde

This is the second recipe on my journey. Votte Lombarde is the 7th recipe listed in The Vivendier but I have decided to skip around a bit. This was an interesting dish. It is basically rich creamy and lightly sweet scrambled eggs.

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