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Recipe #20 – Paste en pot

This is an odd dish. It is a paté made from the meat of your choice, spices and bread. The texture is not what we recognize as a modern paté. The meat in the dish is chopped instead of being ground and it gives the dish a less than smooth feel. That all being said the dish was good tasting and satisfying to eat.

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Recipe #13 – Amplummus

Amplummus is a creamy  apple custard. The egg yolks and saffron give it a pretty yellow color and the cinnamon and sugar keep it from being bland. In some other books there are versions of this dish described as a “sick food”. I can imagine using the sweet taste of apples and sugar to deliver the high protien of the eggs, the calories of the cream and the warming of the cinnamon to a patient without them making a fuss.

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Recipe #12 – Chaudel sur eulx pochiez

A Caudel on Poached Eggs – This dish would be a great breakfast dish. Poached egg, toasted bread and a light sauce. Simple, tasty and a great dish to show that the modern palate isn’t so different after all.

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Recipe #10 – Rys en galles c’on dit “contrefait”

“Joke Rice That is Called Counterfeit” is the name of this dish. There was a long tradition of making food that looked like another dish, joke rice falls into that category. This dish has no rice in it at all. It is in fact a pasta dish. Small bits of pasta dough are dried and then boiled in broth and served with cheese on top.

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Recipe 6 – Pour farsir oes

Stuffed Eggs. Or as I have decided to call them fried deviled eggs. Lightly flavored, creamy filling, solid whites and a bit of a browned buttery outside. They make for a great presentation and taste good too.

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Recipe 5 – Potage Grenné

Thick, rich, and cheesy. Potage grenné is a bread and egg thicken cheese sauce. The original recipe is just for the pottage itself but going off of the surrounding recipes that were also thick pottages I served it with slices and sauteed pork tenderloin. This was a great dish but then it is hard to go wrong with pork and cheese.

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Recipe 2 – Votte Lombarde

This is the second recipe on my journey. Votte Lombarde is the 7th recipe listed in The Vivendier but I have decided to skip around a bit. This was an interesting dish. It is basically rich creamy and lightly sweet scrambled eggs.

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