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Recipe #18 – La Brehee

La Brehee – I have seen this dish done a number of different ways online. Some make it a sauce to pour over salted meat, some make it a salted meat and onion paste, like a pate. I have read and reread the recipe and I think that it is closer to a thick onion soup. So that is what I made out of the recipe.

This is a great example how you can read these recipes and get a variety of different interpretations.

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Recipe #16 – Brouet Vergay

Brouet Vergay is aptly titled. The translation is “Gaudy-Green Broth”. It is a brightly colored sauce for the meat of our choosing. The sauce gets it’s color from it’s main ingredient, parsley, as well as egg yolks and saffron.

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Recipe #10 – Rys en galles c’on dit “contrefait”

“Joke Rice That is Called Counterfeit” is the name of this dish. There was a long tradition of making food that looked like another dish, joke rice falls into that category. This dish has no rice in it at all. It is in fact a pasta dish. Small bits of pasta dough are dried and then boiled in broth and served with cheese on top.

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