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Recipe #20 – Paste en pot

This is an odd dish. It is a paté made from the meat of your choice, spices and bread. The texture is not what we recognize as a modern paté. The meat in the dish is chopped instead of being ground and it gives the dish a less than smooth feel. That all being said the dish was good tasting and satisfying to eat.

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Recipe #17 – Pignagoscé sur chapons

If you don’t like liver this dish is not for you. I however do like liver so I enjoyed the dish. It is twice cooked chicken with a thick sauce of liver, red wine and strong spices.

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Recipe #14 – Brouet d’allemaigne de char…

Scully’s title for this recipe is “To make a German Meat Broth of rabbit, chicken or of some other meat.”  I am not sure what makes this dish “German” but I found it to be very tasty. I used chicken and it combined nicely with the creamy almond milk, the spices and a sweetness of the cooked onions.

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