Recipe #13 – Amplummus

Amplummus is a creamy  apple custard. The egg yolks and saffron give it a pretty yellow color and the cinnamon and sugar keep it from being bland. In some other books there are versions of this dish described as a “sick food”. I can imagine using the sweet taste of apples and sugar to deliver the high protien of the eggs, the calories of the cream and the warming of the cinnamon to a patient without them making a fuss.

The original text in The Vivendier reads as…

Pour faire un amplummus. Prenez pommes pelleez et copez par morceaulx, puis mis boullir en belle esue fresce et, quant ils sont bien cuis, purez lesue hors nettement, puis les suffrisiez en beau bure fres ; ayez cresme douce et moyeulx d’oes bien batus, saffren et sel egalment et, au dreschier, canelle et chucquere largement par dessus.

The translation by Terence Scully is…

To make Apple Sauce. Get peeled apples, cut them into pieces, then set them to boil in pure fresh water. When they are thoroughly cooked, drain off all of the water and sautee them in good fresh butter; get fresh cream and well beaten egg yolks and saffron,  and salt judiciously. On dishing it up, cinnamon and sugar generously over top.

This is what I did…

The ingredients for the Amplummus

The ingredients for the Amplummus


I gathered the ingredients listed in the translation. I chose granny smith apples for their tart flavor. The recipe says to use fresh butter, which would not have been salted but I only had salted butter on hand. Heavy whipping cream, egg yolks,  cinnamon, sugar, and saffron steeped in water are the other ingredients.





I peeled and chopped the apples and put them in water to boil. Once they were cooked I put them in a strainer to drain the water from them. Once they were completely drained they were added to a pan with melted butter and sauteed them for a few minutes to cook them down and remove the rest of the water.

Apples in water, ready to boil.

Apples in water, ready to boil.

Apples draining.

Apples draining.

Added to hot butter and sauteed.

Added to hot butter and sauteed.









I then lowered the heat and while stirring I added the cream and the egg yolks which had need beaten with the saffron. I chose to use salted butter so I did not add any extra salt at this point.

Adding the cream to the cooked apples.

Adding the cream to the cooked apples.

Saffron being added to the Egg yolks.

Saffron being added to the egg yolks.

Yolks with saffron stirred into apples and cream.

Yolks with saffron stirred into apples and cream.









Once the mixture had come together in the pan I removed it from the heat and spooned it into a bowl. I added a good amount of cinnamon and sugar and served it hot.

Cinnamon and sugar added and ready to serve.

Cinnamon and sugar added and ready to serve.

The Verdict….

Yummy creamy apple custard.
It was much smoother than it seems in the picture. The custard was smooth and the texture is from the apple itself.
I will be making this again. I will likely adjust the ratio of apples to custard as I would have liked more apple flavor. I also think that a bit of ginger along with the cinnamon and sugar would be nice. Or maybe using brown sugar instead of white for a different flavor. The recipe doesn’t say to add this to any thing else but I think it would make a wonderful tart filling.

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5 thoughts on “Recipe #13 – Amplummus

  1. very tasty, It reminded me a little of a souffle taste wise, very light tasting.I enjoyed this dish.

  2. The Middlegate Key

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  3. That looks really tasty, though I would consider it apple scrambled eggs rather than a custard. This would be very easy to do in camp [but then again I was known for making crepes benedict in camp …]

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  5. Tried it for tonight’s Potluck (4/28/2016 – Aire Faucon A&S night). I can totally see using this when someone is too sick to eat solid food. Get some protein, fiber, and sugar in them.

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